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Nile River Excursions at Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls

The 3893km2 Murchison Falls National Park forms the core of Uganda’s largest protected area, containing a wide variety of wildlife including big game, forest primates and 450 bird species. The mighty Nile, the longest river in the world, flows through the heart of the park for a distance of 120km, on its 6500km journey from Lake Victoria to Egypt and the Mediterranean sea.  The park’s centrepiece is the explosive, 40m high Murchison Falls where the Nile is forced through a 6 metre gap in the rift valley escarpment. The Falls separate two very different rivers. Upstream, the river races down a turbulent 80km channel punctuated with rapids. Downstream, the Nile flows quietly towards Lake Albert which it enters through a large papyrus delta.

It is this peaceful 40km stretch of river which provides the park’s prime wildlife spectacle and which our boats explore.

Our River Fleet

Our Kingfisher boats are the perfect craft for small groups. Their light aluminium hulls each provide comfortable seating for up to five people plus a skipper/guide. They are also suitable for sports fishing for two to three persons.

Our medium sized Alligator game viewing boats with their 8.5m long, shallow V-hulls have been designed for use on African rivers and provide comfortable seating for groups of up to 16 for excursions or casual fishing for up to 4 persons. A carpeted upper deck allows views of wildlife beyond the reeds that fringe the shoreline and also provides additional height for those that like to cast their rods.

Our big double-decker (Kabalega) river vessel has capacity for 40 guests. It has two decks with flexible usage and seating arrangements and our on board river guides move around on board providing interesting information and pointing out animal and bird sightings as you travel. The covered lower deck offers seating and a bar and serving area, while the covered, upper deck – standing 3m above the river – allows excellent views close to the shore as well as further afield and the large solid deck areas provid a stable photography platform. Toilets are also on board.

All our boats are new technology powered by Yamaha outboard engines and are equipped with lifejackets for all passengers and a comprehensive first aid kit. Communication with our base office at Paraa (south bank) is enabled by mobile phone and Radio when required. You can see pictures of all our boats here.

Murchison Falls Waterfall Cruises

Our scheduled afternoon trip to the bottom of Murchison Falls is a popular activity to follow a morning safari drive. We can also arrange for private excursions to the falls leaving at any time of the day, or combining with another activity such as hiking in Fajao Gorge. Read more about our Murchison Falls Waterfall Cruises

Nile Delta Cruises

A morning trip to the Lake Albert Delta is a must for any bird and wildlife enthusiast.  While this trip is more popular in the morning, we can also arrange for a private excursion at any time of the day. Read more about our Nile Delta Cruises

Leisure Cruises

The meandering current and picturesque surroundings of the Nile River in Murchison Falls creates one of the most spectacular and enjoyable places in Uganda to witness the sun rise, the sun set, or to enjoy a glass of wine and a selection of cheeses. We organise a selection of leisure cruises, the perfect way to start, or end your day on safari. Read more about our Leisure Cruises

Fishing Safaris

The mighty Nile River at Murchison is famous for its exciting sport fishing. Large, strong Nile Perch living in the turbulent waters below the Falls as well as several species of cat fish are fished and a variety of smaller species which are generally used as live bait for the larger fish. Fishing can be done from the shore or from our boats which are ideally sized and equipped to cope with the conditions and accessing the remote riverside pools. Our experienced guides travel with you on the river at all times to ensure you have the best opportunities for success, whether it be for a day or over several days. Find out more about Murchison Fishing Safaris.

Our River Crew and Office

Many of our trained boat skippers and guides have been with us since the start of the operation and know the river intimately. Senior skippers hold an International Power Boating License from the British Royal Yachting Society. All of our river crew have extensive training in guiding, wildlife knowledge and first aid.

Our recently constructed office is located at the boat jetty at Paraa “South Bank” with a panoramic view over the Nile. Drop in any time for bookings, payments or more information about the services Wild Frontiers Murchison Boats can offer.

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With over 25 years of operation in Uganda and over 40 years of combined safari experience under our belt, Wild Frontiers is one of Uganda’s longest established and premier safari companies.