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Specialist Safaris

Birding Safaris

Uganda plays host to over 1,000 species of birds, over half the species found on the African Continent which has lead to it being described as Africa’s best birding destination. If you are an avid birder and wish to focus primarily on a birds we can design you a safari that takes you off the tourist track and to some of the best birding destinations Uganda has to offer. If you have any specific bird species you wish to see, please note them on the contact form, we will consult with our resident  birding specialists as to the best way to find them.

Fishing Safaris

Since 1997 when we launched our first boat in Uganda, we have hosted many anglers from all over the world including Jeremy Wade (River Monsters presenter), John Wilson a UK TV presenter, Zeb Hogan Monster Fish National Geographic TV presenter, both on Lake Victoria and on the Nile river in Murchison Falls National Park.

Wild Frontiers offer professionally run fishing trips in Uganda on Lake Victoria and the Nile river in Murchison Falls National Park.  Nile perch of up to 114 kg have been recorded, the largest fresh water game fish in Africa.

Mountain Climbing

Uganda offers a number of unique mountain climbing experiences for avid hikers. Climb the Rwenzori Mountains, otherwise known as the “Mountains of the Moon” and experience the contrast of snow on the equator! Remote and untouched Mount Elgon offers an unforgettable trek off the beaten tracks, where the Magahinga Volcanoes give hikers the chance to look down on Uganda, Rwanda and Congo at once.

Film Crew Fixing

Wild Frontiers offers a full range of fixing services including: Media Card applications, filming permissions with official bodies, equipment importation services, transport, accommodation, advice on shoots, contact facilitation and anything else you may need.

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With over 20 years of operation in Uganda under our belt, we are one of the longest established and largest safari operators in the country.