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  /  Edward Ekisa – “Eddie”

Edward Ekisa – “Eddie”

Senior Guide


Eddie, born and raised in Entebbe, began his schooling in his home town then continued studying in Kampala and went on to study Information Technology. He graduated in IT and Software engineering in 2003.

His interest in tourism and travel came from the many years working for the Jane Goodall Institute, as part of the chimp rescue team. Eddie initially joined as an IT technician, maintaining hardware and software for JGI. He then began doing also photography and videography for the team’s rescue missions as well as driving. With the JGI team he often visited Budongo Forest in Murchison Falls National Park, as well as Kasokwa Forest in Masindi and Kibale Forest to rescue chimps trapped in snares and other man traps. Eddie quickly learned so much about the wildlife in the forest as well as the national parks and these years with JGI sparked his passion for wildlife and conservation.

During this period with JGI, 2007-2013, Eddie did numerous trips to Murchison Falls National Park and Bwindi Forest where he also observed and met with tour guides and companies. The interest for travel and passion for wildlife, led him to opening a safari tour company with a close friend in 2008. Their business ran for a while and Eddie went on safari trips with clients all over Uganda. He has been working as a safari guide for the last ten years and truly enjoys imparting his knowledge of the country and the wildlife with clients.

In his free time, Eddie is very active and sporty and often goes swimming, biking or training at the gym. He speaks English fluently as well as some Swahili and continues to live in Entebbe.

Born on: August 16, 1977