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  /  Ham Juuko

Ham Juuko

Senior Guide


Ham was born and raised in Western Uganda as a country boy who helped raise cattle on the family farm. He moved to the big city of Kampala after schooling where he successfully completed his Diploma in accounting and also Customer Care.

Ham has continued to live in Kampala with his family and currently has two children. His hobbies and interests include watching football, reading and spending time with his young family when not on the road.

Ham started guiding in 1999 and worked for various tour companies in Kampala before joining Wild Frontiers in 2006 as a senior guide. Ham has added to his training and professionalism during his employment with certificates in Wilderness Medical Associates First Aid certificate, 4×4 driving (high range and self recovery), a bird guiding course in 2005 and advanced certification in professional guiding from Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA). He has put his passionate interest in wildlife and experience caring for clients together to become an excellent all round guide and is often chosen as the lead guide for our larger safari groups.

Born on: November 13, 1971