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  /  Sulaiman Iga – “Sula”

Sulaiman Iga – “Sula”

Senior Guide


Sula is from the Mweya region of Queen Elizabeth National Park and spent all of his childhood there. He grew up in the bush and developed a passion for all nature and wildlife from an early age. He is from the muganda and mutoro tribes, both rich in culture, making Sula knowledgeable in local sites and traditions.

He completed his secondary schooling in Kampala, after which he successfully completed a diploma in Tourism, Wildlife and Hotel Management. Sula spent many years, both during his schooling and after, working with environmental and wildlife research teams in Uganda’s main national parks: Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo and Murchison Falls National Park. He also worked with community and heath focused NGOs as a driver in the field, helping to set up the stations and communicating with the locals.

Sula has an incredible amount of practical knowledge gained from a hands on experience in the field and the national parks. He began guiding in the early 2000s and his depth of knowledge and skill is apparent from the first point of meeting.

In his free time he loves brushing up on his nature and wildlife knowledge through self study, but also enjoys a good game of pool! He has a very easy going nature and positive attitude, making him very pleasant company and always has a smile ready. As he says – “life is good!”

Born on: August 18, 1982