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Why Choose Wild Frontiers

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Hands-On Experience

With over 25 years of operation in Uganda and over 40 years of combined safari experience under our belt, we are one of the longest established and larger safari operators in the country. We work with our extensive network of contacts, both local and international to keep up-to-date with the latest changes in the industry. We are also full members of AUTO (Tour Operators Association of Uganda) and WOHOA.

We are owner managed – our founding Directors are involved in the running of the business day to day and keeping up to date with trends and changes in the industry; as well as continually visiting our various lodges/camps/boat operations and utilising our services to ensure they are up to expected standards.

Vehicle Fleet

It all began with an old-model Landcruiser called “Betsy” which was used to “explore” the region and its suitability for safaris. We have experimented with many types of vehicles and now have our own fleet of new model 4×4 safari customised Landcruisers designed for the challenging road conditions. They have been converted by a Toyota approved manufacturer with our specific requests which are a result of our many years’ experience in the industry. Each offers window seating and roof hatches. With our own in-house workshop and skilled mechanics, we ensure our vehicles are regularly serviced and maintained, and is always available. We do our best not to “hire in” vehicles, but if we do, we ensure they are thoroughly checked beforehand.

Our Guides

All of our guides are highly experienced, some have been with us for more than 10 years and are renowned as some of the best in the country. Each of our guides is both your driver and your guide and will usually accompany you throughout your entire safari. All have undergone numerous guiding courses, courses in wildlife knowledge and identification, first aid courses, and hold a number of certificates on “off-road driving”.

Personalised and Intimate Safaris

We make a point of keeping our safaris personalized and intimate with as much personal contact as possible – our safari consultants will design itineraries to match individual requirements and interests with various suggestions provided as working through the safari design process via personal email and phone call discussions. We aim to have our Client Liaison Representative meet guests personally, before and after the safari, to ensure everyone is fully briefed and that the safari meets expectations, as well as offering an opportunity for valuable feedback. In most cases, our guides spend the whole safari with guests from when they arrive at the airport until they depart again. They become an important and large part of the safari, and whilst always being professional, they often become good friends with guests and are then requested for future safaris.


While many safari companies’ only market “pre-packaged” tours, we pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box, to be able to also provide original and unique tailor-made safaris to suit our clients’ individual preferences. Our experienced safari consultants enjoy the challenge of creating new and innovative itineraries, and enjoy the buzz that comes with creating your dream safari exploring the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Back-Up and Support

Our superior insurance coverage is the best available in Uganda. We have comprehensive vehicle coverage as well as passenger liability coverage that goes way beyond any required legal limits. This is done as a result of our experience in the business as well as what we feel is our duty to ensure our clients have the best we can afford and provide here in Uganda.

Our Entebbe workshop provides 24/7 support and back up for vehicles, boats, camp infratructure and other equipment that may be utilised by guests. They endeavour to ensure all pre departure checks are well executed, and that whilst on safari, guest experiences are not impacted by technical issues.

For convenience and safety reasons we ensure all our guides and other staff dealing with clients are provided with access to communication facilities e.g., mobile phones to ensure that relevant personnel can be contacted when needed. We also offer a 24-hour emergency contact line for use on necessary occasions.

Our Network

Not only do we operate safaris, we have our own lodges in key National Parks, a hotel in Entebbe and two boat operations. With these multiple links in the supply chain, we are often able to utilise our own accommodation and services on our safaris. This allows us to pass savings on to our clients and also maintain an element of control over the high standards of service our clients receive at each of our operational bases.

We Care

We believe in looking after Africa and conserving what we have for future generations to also enjoy. Through our active Responsible Tourism Policy we strive to “put something back” for future generations with our wildlife conservation and community projects, local staff empowerment and eco-friendly, sustainable systems in our operations where ever possible.


Over the years we have successfully taken thousands of clients from all over the world on safari. Some of the most famous names in world sport, film and business have travelled with Wild Frontiers on their safaris around Uganda. We’d love to drop a name or two, but client safety and privacy is one of our highest priorities!

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With over 25 years of operation in Uganda and over 40 years of combined safari experience under our belt, we are one of the longest established and largest safari operators in the country.